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In this article, we will mainly focus on best bitcoin sportsbook. We take a look at whether bitcoin can deliver what it promises. We also take a look at how widespread the Bitcoin is in the sports betting world. Also how it looks in perspective. Besides Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies which are suitable for crypto sports betting. Usually, best BTC gambling sites also offer Ethereum or Ripple sports betting.

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Reputable Bitcoin for sports betting websites

Everyone who is on the Internet has certainly heard of Bitcoin. It is a so-called cryptocurrency. The entire Bitcoin network is based on a decentralized database (blockchain). It records all transactions. The first exchange rate for Bitcoin was just 0.08 cents. The Bitcoin was always subject to strong price fluctuations and could even rise in the future. To use the Bitcoin system for transactions, you need a digital wallet and an Internet connection. The wallets are available as desktop applications and web applications, but also as hardware wallets.

With Bitcoin you can make online payments and deposit money at online bookmakers. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the bookmakers offer Bitcoin as a means of payment. Currently, there are not too many platforms that have included cryptocurrency in their portfolio. We have gone on a search and found suitable platforms for you.

Many of bitcoin sports gambling sites for their customers offers tons of different bitcoin games list. Betting sites that accept bitcoin divided into two groups. The first one is about bitcoin betting sports. There you could find: bitcoin esports betting or bitcoin football betting. Good to know that availability for bitcoin live betting is not the myth anymore. In the other side we have those betting with bitcoin webpages where ardor reaches its highest level. Our bitcoin gambling guide suggest: crypto (bitcoin) blackjack, bitcoin slot games, bitcoin slot machines. Huge interests feels from players who like: bitcoin crash gambling, bitcoin casino slots, bitcoin jackpot. And how without mobile bitcoin casino.


Is Bitcoin betting legal?

Yes, of course it is legal. According to the sources bitcoin was invented in 2007. Over those years it became very strong currency around all the world. By the way, it works with no recorded legal issues.

Is it safe to bet with bitcoin?

Like in previous asked question answer is absolutely yes – it is safe. Placing bets with crypto is the same like to do it with fiat currencies. But before you starting betting journey make sure that you will be ready to manage your funds.

How to choose authoritative sportsbook for betting with bitcoin?

In the beggining you must to make sure it is a legal page (not scamed). Then you have to check which sports book are available for bitcoin. Are there withdrawal limits within your needs? Please be very careful before starting bets with bitcoin.

Why do gamblers like to bet with bitcoin?

Overall betting with crypto is more effective path than fiat bets. Advantages are: greater speed and lower costs. Just make a double check before you execute a transfer. A lot of people make mistake due to specified wrong address.

Is there a sports betting bitcoin bonus?

There is not likely to be a special Bitcoin betting bonus. You can use any normal bonus offer of a Bitcoin betting sites if you have deposited.

Buying Bitcoin on Internet Marketplaces

You can buy Bitcoin on various trading platforms such as, Binance and many others. There, you need to create an account and go through a standard banking verification process. You will also have to prove your identity via video or postal ID. Once your account is approved, you must link it to a personal bank account. Now you can buy your Bitcoins there. Important to mention, you do not have to buy them in whole numbers only. It is your individual choice, it could be only small part of bitcoin – 0,001 or much more. Be sure you using licensed platforms, then you are on the safe side.

How do I store Bitcoins?

For your security we widly recommending online wallets where you can store the cryptocurrency. This is simply a virtual wallet and much more secure than the exchanges. With such a wallet, you can simply register online and withdraw your Bitcoins to it. You will get 12 random words (private key). Don't forget to write it down and put on the safe place. You should never share this key. There are also wallets as software that you can install on your computer. In this case, if you are not connected to the internet nothing can be stolen. One more way to store Bitcoin is USB stick (“cold wallet”), which is hard to hack.

Place your bet just in a few steps on best Bitcoin sportsbook

To get started with Bitcoin gambling app, only a few steps are necessary. We will show you how to become a Bitcoin sports bettor quickly and easily. Below you will find a step by step guide.

Step 1: Find a Bitcoin betting app

The first step is to find the right Bitcoin betting exchange. To do this, simply use our selection of platforms. You will only ever find reputable site that guarantee to offer Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Step 2: Register with the best Bitcoin betting sites

Once you have found the best Bitcoin gambling site, you also need to register on the platform. For this purpose, you fill out the best BTC sportsbook registration form. After submitting the form, you still need to confirm your registration. This can take up to few minutes.

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Step 3: Buy Bitcoin

You can choose from various official marketplaces as well as private marketplaces and Bitcoin exchanges. Make sure that you also buy Bitcoins at the current rate and not too expensive.

Step 4: Deposit

Now you can deposit with Bitcoin on the best platforms. Huge credits goes to one of the best Bitcoin sportsbook. Go to the payment page of Bitcoin sports betting site and select the cryptocurrency as your payment method. Now enter the desired amount you want to deposit in fiat (euros, dollars). On the screen you will see how many Bitcoin you have to deposit. After that, you open your wallet and send the required bitcoins from there to the bookmaker's wallet address. The deposited funds are directly available for BTC betting.

Step 5: Withdraw winnings

Once you made your first winnings, you can also easily withdraw Bitcoin. Select Bitcoin for your payout in the section, enter the desired amount and specify your Bitcoin wallet address.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin sports betting

There are also its advantages and disadvantages with best bitcoin sportsbook. This will give you a good all-around view. Let's take a look and decide is it really fit for you.

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A big advantage of payments with Bitcoin is that the transactions are extremely anonymous and independent of banks. Those who pay for something with Bitcoin do not necessarily have to reveal their personal data. The sender is only ever recognizable if you know the public key. It is very easy to use and the Bitcoin network is accessible worldwide. Furthermore, Bitcoins are forgery-proof, because every single transaction is verified. In addition, double issuance of Bitcoins is prevented. Also beneficial is that the Bitcoin system is inflation-proof. This is because the cryptocurrency cannot simply be increased and it is limited to a certain maximum.

One of disadvantages is that incorrect transfers can no longer be retrieved. A big disadvantage is that Bitcoin is subject to strong fluctuations and can therefore lose value very quickly. Bitcoin has also become increasingly popular but it is far from being available everywhere. Still not all the betters accept payments with bitcoin. Also Bitcoin owners experience big hacker attacks. Especially if you leave the cryptocurrency on a Bitcoin exchange or marketplace.

Why is bitcoin not completely anonymous?

Every single Bitcoin ever sent can be traced back to its mining date. Bitcoin addresses (recipient addresses) are publicly viewable by anyone, but you don't know who owns an address. If someone knew that a receiving address belonged to you, they could see your entire bitcoin history. You are usually connected to the receiving address when you order something that is delivered to your home. Or, if you have to provide other data like a mail address or go through a verification process. It is also possible that various providers spy on your IP address, even Bitcoin itself does this. However, the IP address can be disguised if you want to. So, cryptocurrency is not completely anonymous but it definitely offers more anonymity than many other payment methods.

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Bitcoin – cryptocurrency simply explained

First of all, take a closer look at the term. The word is made up of bit and coin. Bit is a digital storage unit and Coin is the English term for coin. It is therefore a digital coin. This clearly explains what we are talking about: virtual money. There is no real money to touch. The biggest difference between Bitcoin and conventional money is that cryptocurrency works independently of banks or states. Because it is actually the case that state and central banks determine the money. They determine how much money is in circulation and have an influence on its value. However, anyone with a computer can theoretically participate.

It is also interesting to note that it is still not known who invented Bitcoin in the first place. Because someone published a document describing the digital currency in 2008. Then, in 2009, the associated Bitcoin software was published. This gimmick quickly became a gigantic success. Initially still of little value, Bitcoin rapidly increased in value. Anyone who bought Bitcoins for 30 euros back then and kept them is a millionaire today. Bitcoin was only the first cryptocurrency at that time. In the meantime, there are over 1,000 of them, which have also found their way onto the market.


This is a decentralized database in which all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been made are recorded. Everything is encrypted, of course. The information is stored in individual blocks. Normal database would quickly reach its limits with the countless transactions. As soon as a block is full, it is sealed. This means that it can no longer be changed at a later date. Then a new block is filled and appended to the old one, just like a chain. So each block always refers to the previous one. Important thing that it is found on all computers in the Bitcoin network. This makes it more difficult to manipulate the system. All the computers on the network help convert the transactions into the encrypted blocks. Everyone who helps is called a miner and receives Bitcoin shares in return.

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Do Bitcoin gambling sites have an official license?

If you come across a sites that does not have a valid gaming license, you should leave it alone. Here, for example, the SSL encryption is to be mentioned. This ensures that data transmission on a betting platform is secure. Thus, transaction and personal data are protected from unauthorized access.

By the way, customer opinions of other bettors are always a good indication of whether a platform is recommendable. If you have a lot of negative experiences, you should be suspicious. And the long-term experience of a bookmaker can also indicate that it is a reputable platform. In terms of Bitcoin gambling sites we can also take a look at the security of payment processing. As long as you keep your Bitcoins on your wallet it is very safe. Bitcoin payments are also encrypted, so you don't have to worry about your personal information. Unlike credit cards, for example, where you have to provide all your data directly to the bookmaker.

Bitcoin sports betting payout

If you have deposited at a Bitcoin betting page, it is normally also possible to withdraw without any problems. To make a withdrawal, go to the payment section and select cryptocurrency as the withdrawal method. There you enter the desired amount and your Bitcoin wallet address. Usually, the funds will be paid out within 24 hours. Even with a Bitcoin payout, your betting account must be verified beforehand. Before your first withdrawal at a betting webpage, the verification must take place at the latest. For this purpose, certain documents for personal and address identification must then be sent to the bookmaker. Once you have sent documents and they have been verified you on the way to quick Bitcoin payout.

Do winnings from Bitcoin sports betting sites have to be taxed?

The basic fact is that you do not have to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency sports betting winnings. At least not as long as you do it as a hobby. If you earn a living from it, you would have to pay taxes on the money as income. How many percentages after incomes you have to pay reach out a tax specialist of your country. They will provide you all further information.

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What other cryptocurrencies are available at the betting network?

In addition to Bitcoin, there are also numerous other cryptocurrencies. There are now several thousand of them worldwide. The market is now no longer as manageable as it was a few years ago. Besides Bitcoin, well-known digital currencies are, for example, Ethereum, XRP or Tether. The alternative cryptocurrencies are also called altcoins. Let's take a closer look at the aforementioned coins.


Ethereum is based on blockchain technology just like Bitcoin. The big difference is that Ethereum is not just a pure cryptocurrency. It is also a platform for so-called decentralized apps, which consist of smart contracts. This may eliminate the need to hold the contract on paper or as a file.


Ripple is a payment network for banks. The goal is to make international payments between banks more efficient and cost-effective. Ripple's mission is to act as a payment gateway between different currency areas. Banks and payment service providers have to deal with two problems when making transactions across national borders. First, liquidity must be available for each currency. In addition, it must be ensured that a payment will work. Ripple has found innovative solutions, which is why it is also known as the Bitcoin of banks.


Tether is a very controversial and much discussed cryptocurrency and is also called Stablecoin. It can be called a hybrid currency. Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency, but the value is tied to a fiat currency. It comes in two variants, USDT and EURT. The first of which is pegged to the US dollar, while the second is pegged to the euro. The two variants of the tether bring several advantages. On the one hand, the transfer of fiat money into digital currencies is facilitated. On the other hand, secure transactions take place via the established blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, the tether is efficient and cheap, because fast transactions are possible with minor fees.

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The cryptocurrency is still available at online bookmakers to a limited extent. A few years ago Bitcoin and sports book wasn't very popular. Nowadays, best bitcoin sportsbook becoming more strongly in the market. With bitcoin, you benefit from fast, very anonymous and secure transactions. Don't forget easily use any bonus offer if you have deposited via Bitcoin at a gambling page. Bitcoin has definitely had a gigantic development since its development in 2008. If you want to buy Bitcoins for yourself, you can do it online through many ways. For example: official exchanges and marketplaces or through private marketplaces. If you are already a Bitcoin owner, you can pick a suitable BTC gambling site right now!

Many questions arise from new bitcoin enthusiasts. They are asking: what is bitcoin, how is it work, can you gamble with bitcoin online? How to gamble online with bitcoin? In the nutshell: everything what you must to know about Bitcoin you would find in their main page. Part of the frequently asked questions you could find in this article FAQ section.

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